Chiang Mai

Elephant Camp & Long Neck Tribe

Travel to the jungle north of  Chiang Mai and to one of the elephant camps where you’ll witness how the elephants are trained for their daily work and can see the “students” perform some of the tasks, that show their enormous intelligence. Afterward proceed to the Chiang Dao district to visit the tribal village of the   “Palong” Karen.  Karen are a little less colorful in appearance than other tribes and often less open to outsiders.  Here you will have an inside look into their daily life.  Lunch will be provided at a local Restaurant.  After lunch, proceed to visit the Chiang Dao Cave, one of the most beautiful caves around Chiang Mai. Continue to an  Orchid farm before returning to Chiang Mai and your booked hotel.

Elephant Owner for a Day

Have you ever dreamed of “owning” your own elephant, training it and taking it out into the jungle to perform all the tasks you taught it? Here is your chance to be “Mahout” for a day.

Early morning we pick you up at the hotel and transfer you to the Patara Elephant Farm. First there will be a brief introduction into the history of domestic elephants in Thailand and the role they still play in everyday life. Upon arrival at the farm, you will change into training outfit, handle all the necessary formalities and get ready for the training.

The first part of the training- session includes

  • hiking to the elephants
  • introduction into the farm management and breeding program
  • how to approach an elephant and “read” his temper and mood
  • morning feeding
  • daily health care
  • pregnancy- test and mother/child- care
  • train to unchain and walk the elephant
  • skin care and bathing
  • mounting the animal
  • basic riding skills
  • spoken commands

Next up is a bare back- riding session to a nearby temple, where you will learn interesting things about the elephants role in Buddhist- believes. After that, you set out to a longer ride, to visit a nearby waterfall, have a picnic lunch and enjoy the refreshing water, together with your elephant. In the early afternoon, the way will lead back to the farm for the evening feeding of your elephant, before you have the opportunity to take some pictures with your elephant and say “goodbye”, before being transferred back to your hotel.

Elephant Safari & Bamboo Rafting

You will visit a training camp for elephants and will be shown,  how the animals are trained from young age onwards. The “students” will demonstrate what they have learned, before you take a ride on an elephant  through the jungle for approx. 1 hour.  After that, glide effortlessly through the green landscape by river- raft.  Lunch will be served on the way..  After lunch, pay  a visit to an Orchid  farm before returning to your hotel.

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